Global Fund’s New Funding Model: Punishing Success?

The Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF) and ICASO have jointly published a new briefing paper entitled ‘Punishing Success?’ The paper provides an explanation of Band 4 of the Global Fund and its implications for civil society and key populations.

Punishing success? Explanation of Band 4 of the Global Fund


Explanation of Band 4 of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and its Implications for Civil Society and Key Populations

ICW and NSWP Host Joint Workshop on Sex Workers’ Rights

On Wednesday NSWP was invited by the International Community of Women Living with HIV (ICW) to take part in their monthly ICW Members Advocacy Working Group. Anastacia, NSWP Policy Officer and Daisy Nakato, WONETHA Director, were invited to lead the discussion on sex workers’ rights in the context of HIV. 

The Role of Global-Level Advocacy in Addressing HIV among Key Populations

File 1907

New report details recent global advocacy strategies used and outcomes achieved to enhance health and human rights for key populations


Know Your Rights - ICW Members Advocacy Working Group

12th Nov


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ICW is excited to have our special guests Daisy Nakato and Anastacia Ryan from NSWP join us on Wednesday, November 12th for our monthly ICW Members Advocacy Working Group. We welcome them to lead the discussion on sex workers’ rights in the context of HIV. 


Advocating for Decriminalisation of Sex Work in Africa

The sex worker rights movement in Africa has been advocating for sex work to be recognised as work for nearly twenty years now. With regard to sex work, African countries fall in three broadly distinct groups. First, those countries that criminalise the sex worker; second, those countries that do not criminalise sex work but do not recognise it as work (e.g. DRC, Burundi, Cameroun, Mali, Algeria); the third group recognises sex work as work even though it is still considered to be an illegal activity (e.g. South Africa, Kenya).  

Sex Work and the Charter


This detailed resource looks at the Canadian legal system and hierachy of laws from the perspective of launching a court case to prrotect the rights of sex workers. It discusses the Canadian law and your rights, the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, limits to the Charter, and how to challenge unconstitutional laws.

Language Matters: Talking About Sex Work


This resource asks the reader to think more carefully and deeply about things we might think we already know; specifically, the language we use to talk about sex work. It reaffirms to a sex working readership that "sex workers are often framed in very simplistic and stereotypical ways that erase the complexity of our realities" and thus, "when our choice of words differs from the beliefs and stereotypes that people have about us, people are quick to discredit us". The text emphasises the centrality of sex working perspectives by assuming a sex working readership, and assuming therefore lived expertise in the nuances of language discussed - without alienating potential non-sex working readers.

Appointment of Asia Pacific Economic Empowerment Policy Officers

As part of the Dutch collaboration Stepping Up, Stepping Out 2 funded by Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NSWP has received funding to support the development of advocacy tools around rights-based economic empowerment for sex workers.  The first year of this three year project will focus on documenting the work done by sex worker led groups in Asia Pacific.   

NSWP is pleased to announce the appointment of Kaythi Win and Aly Murray as policy consultants to work with APNSW/NSWP members in developing economic empowerment advocacy tools that can be used at national, regional and global levels. They will work with and coordinate teams of local consultants to document good practice examples of rights-based economic empowerment projects by and for sex workers and write up a report on this including case studies.  The report will further highlight the damage done to sex workers by forced rehabilitation and exit programmes.

NSWP opportunities - Research for Sex Work EDITOR

NSWP has received funding from HIVOS to support the publication of the next edition of our journal Research for Sex Work 14.

DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS:  Friday, 26 April 2013 @ 24.00.