Research for Sex Work 4

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Table of Contents:

Contextual risk versus risk behaviour. The impact of the legal, social and economic context of sex work on individual risk taking – P. Alexander - 3

Different mindsets, different risks. Looking at risk factors identified by Vietnamese sex workers in Cambodia – M. Tep, S. Ek and M. Maas - 4

Some conditions influencing HIV/AIDS prevention and health promotion in Hong Kong – P.S. Ho - 6

Health impacts of prostitution. Experience of Bangladesh Women’s Health Coalition – J. Ahmed - 8

Filial piety and Vietnamese sex workers in Svay Pak, Cambodia – B. Schunter - 9

Promoting HIV Testing among Guam Sex Workers: Problems in Paradise – R. Workman, T. Pinhey and A. Hill - 10

Report from the US: Do prohibitory laws promote risk? – M. Ditmore - 13

Prostitution and repression in France. The point of view of Cabiria – F. Guillemaut - 15

Repressive laws and hidden women: migrant sex workers in Germany – V. Munk - 17

Violence against female sex workers in Brazil. Preliminary findings from a Horizons study – P. Longo and P. Telles - 18

The impact of violence on HIV prevention and health promotion: The case of South Africa – H. Alexander - 20

Murderous clients and indifferent justice. Violence against sex workers in the UK – H. Kinnell - 22

Studying violence to stop it. Canadian research on violence against women in Vancouver’s street level sex trade – L. Cler-Cunningham and C. Christenson - 255

Taking a look at sex work, risks and violence in Brazil – M.W. de Oliveira, J. Moreno and L. Furlanetto Pereira - 27

Risk and violence in different scenarios of commercial sex work in Panama City – C. Carrington and C. Betts - 29

Drug use and physical and sexual abuse of street sex workers in New York City – N. El-Bassel and S. Witte - 31

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