Research for Sex Work

Research for Sex Work is a publication intended for sex workers, activists, health workers,  researchers, NGO staff and policymakers. It is published annually by the Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) and is governed by an Editorial Board consisting of sex workers, staff of support organisations and researchers. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect those of the publisher or the donors.

The first seven issues of Research for Sex Work were published by VU University Medical Centre in the Netherlands. Since 2004, the resource has been published by the NSWP. Research for Sex Work explores a different theme in each edition. Previous issues focused on peer education (1998), appropriate health services (1999), empowerment (2000), violence (2001), migration/mobility (2002), human rights (2003), ethics in health care and research (2004), law enforcement (2005), money (2006), sex workers’ rights (2008), pleasure (2009) and violence (2010).

Research for Sex Work continues to offer its unique mix of articles from sex workers, sex work projects, and researchers; this invaluable combination provides insight from diverse perspectives.

Each edition of Research for Sex Work is produced in partnership with an NSWP member, under the guidance of an editorial board. All submissions are reviewed by sex workers – making it truly peer-reviewed by experts in sex work.

The 13th issue of Research for Sex Work is on the theme "HIV and Sex Work – The view from 2012" and was released on December 17, 2012.


(Each article can also be downloaded individually by clicking on its title.)

PDFs of the “HIV and Sex Work – The view from 2012” Research for Sex Work, a bilingual publication in English and Chinese, can be downloaded for free, or free hard copies can be requested by emailing

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