Who we are

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP) exists to uphold the voice of sex workers globally and connect regional networks advocating for the rights of female, male, and transgender sex workers. It advocates for rights based health and social services, freedom from abuse and discrimination, and self determination for sex workers.


  • Provide practical information and opportunities for information sharing among organisations and projects, which provide services to men, women, and transgender men and women who work in the sex industry.
  • Raise awareness of the health and welfare needs of sex workers.
  • Advocate at regional and global level for policies and action, which further the human rights of sex workers.
  • Develop and maintain links between service providers, sex worker organisations and relevant international institutions and agencies.
  • Facilitate opportunities for the voices of sex workers to be heard in relevant international forums.

Human Rights

The NSWP reaffirms that sex workers, like all individuals, are entitled to the following rights under international human rights treaties [1]:

  • The right to work, to free choice of employment, and to just and favourable conditions of work
  • The right to life, liberty and security of person
  • The right to be free from arbitrary interference with one’s private and family life, home or correspondence and from attacks on honour and reputation
  • The right to the highest attainable standard of physical and mental health
  • The right to freedom of movement and residence
  • The right to be free from slavery, forced labour and servitude
  • The right to equal protection of the law and protection against discrimination and any incitement to discrimination under any of the varied and intersecting status of gender, race, citizenship, sexual orientation etc
  • The right to marry and found a family
  • The right to peaceful assembly and association
  • The right to leave any country, including one’s own, and to return to one’s own country
  • The right to seek asylum and to non-refoulement
  • The right to participate in the cultural and public life of society

[1] The rights listed are drawn from those prioritised in The Declaration of the Rights of Sex Workers in Europe. http://www.sexworkeurope.org/en/resources-mainmenu-189/declaration-mainmenu-199