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New Report Claims the Swedish Sex Purchase Law is Ineffective

This just in from NSWP's European correspondent:

A new research report from Malmö University, commissioned by the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education (RFSU), criticises the so-called Swedish Modelof social policy on sex work, concluding that claims of the policy’s success have been greatly exaggerated.

'Positive Effects' of Swedish Sex Purchase Ban Heavily Exaggerated, New Report Finds

Last year the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education, RFSU, commissioned a research report to investigate the effects of the Swedish ban against sex purchase, introduced in 1999. RFSU wanted an independent overview of earlier studies to be used as a foundation for a congressional decision in June 2015.

Advocacy Toolkit Briefing Paper #4: Impacts of Other Legislation and Policy – The Danger of Seeing the Swedish Model in a Vacuum

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This paper is the first briefing paper in a series that make up The Real Impact of the Swedish Model: Advocacy Toolkit

The fourth of this series concentrates on laws and policies other than the Swedish model itself. It describes how these are used by the Swedish state and the police to directly destabilise the lives of sex workers in Sweden. 

The Real Impact of the Swedish Model on Sex Workers: Advocacy Toolkit

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This advocacy toolkit serves to highlight the harms associated with this approach of criminalisation, both in relation to the simplistic and crude understandings of sex work and of sex workers that are used to justify the law, and in relation to the direct outcomes of the resulting legal framework of criminalising the purchase of sex. In contrast to claims that the Swedish model is a necessary and effective approach in protecting women from violence and exploitation, sex workers in Sweden note worrying consequences of the law in terms of their safety and wellbeing.

Nordic Model Letter of Support: Would You Sign It?

A letter of support for the ‘Nordic Model’ has been circulated to a global network of university researchers from around the world seeking signatures for a model they deem as the most effective way to protect the human rights of sex workers.

Ireland to Criminalise the Purchase of Sexual Services

Just one month after the Northern Ireland Assembly passed a bill criminalising the purchase of sex, the Republic of Ireland’s government has introduced a bill that will make it a criminal offence to pay for sex.