Civil Rights

NUS National Executive Council Passes Motion in Favour of Decriminalisation

The National Executive Council (NUS NEC), the interim policy-making body of the United Kingdom’s National Union of Students, last week passed a motion to officially support the decriminalisation of sex work.

Sex worker challenges California policy refusing rape victim support to sex workers.

A female sex worker in the US State of California is challenging a provision in its laws that deny rape and trauma support to sex workers. The sex worker, who was a victim of rape, was denied after-rape medical and mental health care on account of her status as a sex worker.

Policy Change in Prostitution in the Netherlands: from Legalisation to Strict Control

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This article looks at how legalisation came to the netherlands; what it was intended to do, and what the impact has been on sex workers. In order to answer these lines of enquiry, the article examines what discourses frame the major actors in this debate, starting with a historical overview of Dutch sex work policies throughout the 20th century. Having established the socio-political backdrop of the Netherlands' approach to legalised sex work, the resource discusses how legalisation (or regulationism) "did not solve a number of serious problems in the sex industry".

Sex Worker Rights in Namibia and Kenya

UNAIDS recently feature this story on the front page of their website about sex workers in both Namibia and Kenya advocating for their rights of access to health care and legal services, including coverage of the demontrations for International Sex Worker Rights Day on 3rd March.  It is certainly significant to see stories such as this being given such prominence on the UNAIDS site.  

Matthew Greenall on his Epidreamiology blog has however challeged a couple of significant accuracies carried in the article, specifically about sex owrkers not being able to negotiate condom use; and regarding exactly why sex workers asked for changes in laws and policies that impact on their lives.

Sex Work: Speaking up for human rights

Article by VAMP (Reproduced from

Sex workers in a small town in Maharashtra, India, march for change on 3rd March, International Sex Workers Rights Day.

International Sex Worker Rights Day – UPDATED

March 3rd is International Sex Worker Rights Day.  Many sex worker organisations plan special events on or around this day each year.  Here are just a few of those events and how they were covered in the media / online.  Updated to show even more coverage!

Video - fighting for sex workers' rights in Peru

NSWP Board Member, Angela Villon, features in this video talking about fighting for sex workers' rights in Peru.

Press Release on the Safety of Sex Workers & Gay People in Kenya

The Global Network of Sex Work Projects condemns the current situation of sex worker activists in Kenya and the harassment being experienced by human rights defenders in Nairobi.

The following is a summary of the press release from colleagues in Kenya and South Africa, in relation to recent events in Nairobi.  You can also view or download the full press release below.

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Report on The United States of America, 9th Round of the Universal Periodic Review

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This report is submitted by the Best Practices Policy Project, Desiree Alliance, and the Sexual Rights Initiative. It focuses on civil and human rights violations of those engaged, or perceived to be engaged, in sexual trade and sex work in the U.S..